Farmhouse Friday: simplify


Less is more, that's why we traded our suburban living for a few acres and a 141 year old farmhouse! 

Simplify. Why is it in a world of hustle, we are intrigued with the idea simplicity? It wasn't the shiplap, vintage brick fireplaces, or the adorable dutch door that won me over on this a 1875 gem; it was the idea of a more simple life.

Life where kids play outside and get dirty, where a family eats dinner together every night (almost), and where we can enjoy being in control of our schedule instead of our schedule controlling us.

When the Lord dropped the desire in my heart for an old farmhouse (out of nowhere), I didn't question Him; I just went with it. He knows what we need above what we think we need, and He knew my family needed a simple place to call home. 

To me, simplifying is a lifestyle of choosing not to get caught up in the cares of the culture. Don't get me wrong, I think we should engage in and influence culture, but we need to refuse to be defined by culture's standards.

The simple life consists of keeping our priorities straight. To be content in the moment, to enjoy the refuge of one another, and to live Kingdom focused. Also, I really love horses, and there is a horse farm across the street--God really gets me! 

Anything that does not invest directly into one of your top priorities can be simplified. For our family, our priorities are God and His kingdom, family, and sharing and growing our faith through relationships. Everything we do somehow fits into one of these categories.

Keeping life simple allows you to live life with purpose-- producing fruit in every season (Psalm 1) without regret!  So ask yourself today, what does it mean to simplify?

Our farmhouse journey is just beginning, so join me every Friday from the Farmhouse!

Mark 4:18-19 "the message is drowned out by the worries of this life and no fruit is produced"