Farmhouse Friday: Marriage and a Muddy Chesterfield


Happy December from the Miller Farmhouse!

The image above is from our recent family Christmas photo shoot. The couch that sits nestled in between a cluster of pines on the backside of our property is my chesterfield. A chesterfield couch may not mean much to you; however, they make me swoon. I had been watching this couch for months and carefully selected the color and size to be placed in our sitting room. Normally, it sits perfectly centered under a lovely crystal chandelier, parallel to one of the original fireplaces in the farmhouse. Not on picture day, though.

On picture day, I called my husband on the way home from church to let him know the plan I had in store for our couch. We moved my lovely couch right in the middle of our yard. It would be the centerpiece for our family to sit on for our Christmas photo. Little did I know, we were about an inch thick in mud. 

When the photos were finished, we carted that couch back into its normal location and gave the legs and front a good scrub down. Do I regret messing up my dream couch for family pictures? Not for a second!

Life isn't about how pristine we can keep our most prized possessions --even though I wouldn't recommend sitting your couch in mud--it's about  relationships. Without a home filled with peace, joy, and love, everything is meaningless. Today, we're going to conclude our family series "Five Kids and a Bulldog" by talking about my muddy chesterfield and the beauty of relationship! 

Besides my relationship with the Lord, the second most important relationship to me is my husband. My husband has been a steadfast source of love and leadership in our home.

We will celebrate 18 years of marriage in a few months, and I can say that our life together is a blast! Life hasn't been perfect. We've had sleepless nights; we've fought battles together; we've experienced having little and having much. However, God remains our center.

When we said our vows 18 years ago, we were committing to more than just a formality of ceremony. We were acknowledging and inviting God into covenant with us. He is the foundation of our love for one another. My husband and I are on the same team, and the goal is the same for both of us--to fall more in love with the Lord everyday!

" Be completely humble and gentle; Be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace." Ephesians 4:2-3

When we are both focusing on our own walks with God, there is no room to point blame or highlight failure in the other person. God abides in unity. Without unity, God isn't comfortable in our home. Without the Lord, our home is void of peace and joy, but with Him the peace is unthinkable and the joy is unspeakable--literally, we laugh a lot! 

Whatever your situation with your spouse is, invite God to be the center of your relationship! It's not until you encounter the life-changing love of the Lord that you can release this love to someone else. 

Life can be messy and chesterfield couches will get muddy, but the faithfulness of the Lord is unchanging!

Five kids and a bulldog later, I can attest that God's presence invited into marriage is the only formula for success! Follow hard after the Lord, forgive often, and love much!

-Lots of love from The Farmhouse