Farmhouse Friday: Give Thanks

Give thanks to the Lord , for he is good. His love endures forever.
— Psalm 136:1

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Miller's!

Thanksgiving was our first official holiday in the farmhouse! It is so nice to create memories together in our new home. As we sat and ate breakfast at our farmhouse table (eating off of my favorite pumpkin plates), I reflected on Thanksgiving last year. Little did I know we would be in a dreamy old house a year later! 

As I thought about the years past --our first holidays in a small apartment, to our first house, to a home we built, to our current home--each place has its own memories. From bringing home babies to hosting holidays, each home had one thing in common: it was part of our story. No matter how little or how much we had, there was exceeding joy that accompanied each life stage we experienced. Each season held both beauty and challenges, but God was good through them all! As I reflected back, the challenges seemed hard to remember, but the joy was seemingly overwhelming!


Joy is not a feeling, but a choice. You can choose joy! Galatians 5:22 says that joy is actually a fruit produced from our Christian life. When you spend time with the Lord, your perspective changes. The things that used to rob your joy seem so unimportant in the light of who He is. 

Thanksgiving is a way to align your heart in a position of reflecting on the good things God has done. Reflection, steered in the right direction, creates proper perspective. Proper perspective can change your life!

So many times we can reflect on the negative--the things that don't seem to be going the way we want them to--but changing the way you see the situations in your life creates an atmosphere of thankfulness and joy .

Giving thanks is not something we do once everything is the way we want it. If you don't recognize His hand in the every day, you will be tormented by the thought of "one day".

Thanks is something we give throughout the journey. No matter where you are in your story, give thanks. Walk your life out from a place of joy.

Ask God to help you renew your mind and give you fresh perspective (Rom 12:2). Start your day declaring the goodness of God then your circumstances won't control your joy, but your joy will strengthen you through your circumstances (Neh 8:10).

Give thanks to the Lord for He is GOOD!