Farmhouse Friday: Five Kids & a Bulldog

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
— Joshua 24:15

Family is a big deal to us! At the end of a long day or a long week, your family is where you retreat to. Family defines us, shapes us, and loves us.

I never thought I would have a large family--five kids is considered large these days. I never thought too much about what my family would look like; however, I have always been very clear about what I wanted our family to "feel" like (if that makes sense). I always wanted a sense of "home"; I always wanted my children to feel secure in their parents' love for one another, and for the Lord. 

There are many roles and personalities in any given family. I grew up with two hard-working parents and was raised by my grandmother the majority of my life. My husband, on the other hand, came from a more traditional background where his mother stayed at home and his father worked. There is no right or wrong; each situation presents pros and cons. Whatever your family background is--positive or negative-- family matters to God. YOUR family matters to God! 

Maybe you don't have a positive view of family, but whatever your family was doesn't have to define how your family will always be. Through God's word, He enables us and equips us to start a new story.  God is a god of restoration, and if you came from a harsh or dysfunctional upbringing, God wants to restore you! You can begin a new legacy through God that will impact not only your immediate family, but generations to come. Take the limits off of your situation and allow God to redefine what family means to you.

The next few weeks, we are going to look at the dynamics in the Miller house and the different roles and values that make us who we are. The Lord wants to use you and your family! As radical as that may sound, it's true.

God is a god of restoration (Joel 2:25) Even if your past or current situation isn't your "ideal" or dream scenario, family matters to God, YOUR family matters to God!

Journey with me these next few weeks as Farmhouse Friday talks family!