Monday Morning Overflow: Breaking Limitations


There is no limit to what you can do!

When God calls you to accomplish something great for Him, there will always be limitations you will need to break in order to see the impossible become possible.

Limitations are things that are set up to keep you from breaking through into new levels and accomplishing greater things for God.

There are two main sources of limitations set up in your life:

1. You-Many times people are their own greatest enemy. There are so many examples of great people of faith in the Bible that had to make a decision to break the limitations that they themselves put on their lives. Here are just a few:

  • Moses told God he wasn’t a good enough speaker to go before Pharaoh and see Gods people delivered.
  • Gideon told God he was the least in his family
  • Abraham told God he and Sarah were too old to have a child.

2. The Enemy-There is a very real enemy that desires to see the limits stay on your life. He will often even use people around you to discourage you and keep the limits on you life. Here are a few examples of people that the enemy used to try to keep the limits on what God was doing:

  • Noah- Many people in Noah’s day thought he was insane to build an ark because it had never rained. He had to overcome every obstacle and limitation that was spoken against him in order to finish the ark that God told him to build.
  • David- David's own brothers tried to discourage from fighting Goliath. Later, King Saul said he was too young to fight the giant.


Whatever the source of limitation, the approach is the same! Attack!! You can’t take the ground God has called you to by standing still! You have to aggressively move forward to attack improper mindsets in you that are limiting God’s plans from coming to pass!

If you won’t respond to the limitations in your life, you will live at the same level with the same frustrations all your life!

For more on taking the limits off your life and walking in the supernatural check out the message from yesterday!