Monday Morning Overflow: The Abundant Life


Most people in life choose to settle at such a low level of living. God's Word states that He desires us to walk in the "abundant life"(John 10:10).

The Bible is clear that you are a royal priesthood and that you are destined to reign in this life through relationship with Jesus Christ. So, how do you go from where you are to activating God's supernatural power in your life? Let's take a look today into Mark 5.

  • Develop your faith! Your impact will only be as great as level of faith that is built up in your heart. The Bible says in Romans 12:3b that God has dealt to every man the measure of faith. What you do to exercise and grow in faith determines the level of authority you will command in the earth. The woman in Mark 5 needed a miracle in her body, and her symptoms had been going on for 12 years. She finally said, "Enough is enough. I'm done living like this!" You have to get an aggression in you that moves you out of where you are and causes you to take action and start exercising the level of faith you have been given. God doesn't move until you start moving.


  • Feast on the Word and on miracles! When you set your ears and eyes--the 2 gateways to your heart--to feast on the Word and miracles, you're making a deposit that will cause God's power to flow from your life to change the world. In Mark 5, the woman with the issue of blood had heard about Jesus! In other words, she heard of his miracles and teachings enough to build up a faith that would produce breakthrough in her life.


  • Changing your thinking will change the course of your entire life! The Bible says, in Mark 5, that the woman thought to herself, "if I just touch His robe, I'll be made whole." When faith permeates your heart, your mind will be renewed to operate with the mind of Christ. You'll stop thinking about what is possible through human strength and start believing all things are possible through Him.

So, refuse to live another day walking in less than what God has provided for you on the cross! Today is the day to exercise your faith, step out, and let God use you to demonstrate to a world that your serve a supernatural God!

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