Overflow: Whatever It Takes!

Have you ever tried to go somewhere, and the place was so packed you couldn't get in?

That's the experience the four men carrying their friend to Jesus had in Mark 2.

The truth is, if there's any place that should be packed, it should be the house of God. If we are truly serious about the mandate that Jesus gave, to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel', then it's time to pack the house!

The one principle in this passage that stood out to me was the mindset of these four men to get their friend to Jesus. Their way of thinking was "Whatever it takes!" These men refused to quit on their friend! If you are going to be effective in leading people to Christ, you'll need to develop this mentality of "whatever it takes".

When they arrived and they were unable to take their paralyzed friend into the packed house, they didn't turn back and say, "Maybe another day." They engaged their faith and only grew more determined to get this friend to Jesus.

I wonder what your life would look like if, instead of getting discouraged, you got more determined. The last part of the story is the best--these men climbed up onto a roof with a man laying on the mat and began digging out the roof! That's right. They tore the roof off someone's house to get their friend to Jesus! They did not care about the cost or what anyone would think; they had determined "Whatever it takes!"

This paralyzed man not only received forgiveness but was completely healed! Jesus noted these four men and their faith. Jesus saw their faith and their determination to do whatever it took to see their friend encounter Christ.

Action point: Step out and share your faith today! Refuse to make any excuse of why you aren't reaching people. Develop a "whatever it takes" mentality and "pack the house" with those yet to know Him!

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