My Church classes are currently available online for your convenience!  Click the button below to access our online class. More details about each of the classes are available below

My Church 101- Learn.

The first module of our My Church classes will itroduce you to the history, values, mission, and beliefs of Champion Christian Center. 

My Church 201- Connect.

My Church 201 wille will teach you the foundations to leading a victorious Christian life! 

My Church 301 - Serve.

The third module of My Church includes a spiritual gift assessment. Through this class, you will learn what you spiritual gifts are and how you can use them to empower others and advance the Kingdom of God.

My Church 401 - Empower.

This class will introduce you to the various Dream Teams at Champion Christian Center. After this completing this module, you are a member of Champion Christian Center and can serve on our Dream Teams!