Stewarding Family Time with God


This month our Ultra Kids Classes are learning about stewardship--taking care of everything that we have because it belongs to God. As parents, this includes taking care of our kids, spouse, laundry, cooking, job responsibilities. It seems like it is a never ending list; there’s never enough time in the day.

God wants us to organize our days in a way that glorifies Him! That means we need to know our priorities!

As Christians, our first priority has to be our relationship with God. Before being a mom or dad, before being a daughter or son, we are children of God, and our God desires relationship with us above all else! It is out of this relationship that everything else in your life flows. Through Christ, you are more than a conqueror, but our strength comes out of that relationship with God.

Using the You Version Bible App, you can schedule a daily Bible verse to come to your phone at any time of the day! You can set it to send when you wake up, or whenever you have some free time daily. Challenge yourself to read the chapter the verse comes from whenever you receive the verse. Then, spend your free time during the day thinking about the chapter and meditating on a verse that stood out for you.

There are also daily Bible devotional apps and email services, so you can pick whatever method of receiving the Word is best for you!

Once we have our first priority in order, we can focus on the rest of our day. From task managers, online to-do lists, cleaning schedules, and family planners, there are countless ways to help put add extra structure to your day. But behind the to-do lists, meal plans, and practice schedules, there’s an even deeper area of our time to manage, and that is the time we spend helping our children develop their relationship with God.

You are the spiritual leader of your home! God has entrusted you with teaching your little ones how to spend time with Him and love and serve Him.

To help you do this, we will be launching a text-based system that keeps you updated on what your child is learning every Sunday. Additionally, it will provide a prompt for you to use throughout the week to start spiritual conversations with your children. This service begins October 8, right after our 11AM service, so sign up today by texting ULTRA to 724-740-4077.

We also have weekly devotionals that you can pick up at the check-in area and online weekend recaps, posted every Tuesday morning. These are a great way to kick-start a spiritual conversation with your children.

If all of your children are old enough to read, you can even set aside 10 minutes a day for your family to do devotions together! Maybe it’s before breakfast, or after dinner. Whatever it is, spending time training your children to be Christ followers is time well spent, and it helps them learn to be better stewards of their time.

What tools have helped you become a better steward of your time? What resources have helped you develop your relationship with God? Share with us on Facebook to help encourage other parents!