Traditions of Thankfulness

As you may know, this month our Ultra Kids have been learning all about gratefulness! We have talked about everything from saying "thank you" to looking for ways to be grateful in situations where we don’t get what we want. Bottom line, we should always be thankful, and we shouldn’t be shy about expressing it!

Think about the traditions you have surrounding Thanksgiving. Some families get together with their relatives while others get together with their friends. Some families choose to share why they are thankful, while others start with a simple prayer before they eat. Whatever your family’s tradition, Thanksgiving is a great time to remember everything you have to be thankful for with people you love.

The Bible tells us to give thanks at all times! This is God’s will for us! No matter what situation you are facing, there is always something for which to be thankful. This year, as you gather around your table, take some time to share with your family the reasons that you are thankful for them. You could verbally tell your husband how much his support means to you, or you could tell your kids that they are a blessing to your life! As you take the opportunity to fix your eyes on the things God has blessed you with, thanksgiving will begin to flow from your heart!

If you don’t have any family traditions, or if you are looking for other ways to get your kids involved in thanksgiving, check out these options below!

1. Make a Thankfulness Chain: Cut out strips of paper and have your children write something different that they are thankful for on each strip of paper. Then, use the papers to make a paper chain. The more things your kids are thankful for, the longer the chain will be! Give your kids the opportunity to use the chain to decorate your kitchen, living or dining room! They will love seeing their work displayed and it will be a visible reminder to be thankful at all times!

2. At Ultra Kids, we are all about getting families talking, especially when they are talking about the amazing things God has done! That’s why we love this printable from Yellow Bill Road! This is an especially great way to get your older kids involved in setting the table for Thanksgiving dinner and generating uplifting conversation! Simply print out the PDF, cut out the cards, fold and stuff the silverware holders, and set them on the table. The conversation starters will break the ice and help everyone remember the good that is going on in their lives!

3. This last activity is just plain fun! You can get everyone involved, regardless of their age. Check out these Thanksgiving Mad-Libs, where you can create your own silly stories about the holidays and laugh together as a family.  You can also access great printables here to keep your little ones busy while you are cooking!

We hope that these links will help you enjoy Thanksgiving with your family, spark great conversation, and help fill your home with laughter. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!