Dream Teams.

Make an impact using your gifts and talents.

If you are looking to be grow and be a part of CCC, make sure that you join a Dream Team and volunteer for our outreachesl! Whatever your interests, talents, and giftings are, we have a place for you here!

To see a list of outreaches that you can volunteer for throughout the year, visit our Outreach page!

If you are interested in joining an Dream Team, please read through each team's description, pick your team, and fill out the form at the bottom of this page! Once you do, a member of our staff will contact you and get you integrated into your Dream Team!

Usher Team

The Usher Team aids in keeping our services at Champion running safely and smoothly. From seating people to monitoring potential distractions, the ushers help to keep the overall atmosphere in the services an environment where people can focus and receive what God has for them.


Champion Worship

Our Worship ministry is a team of talented, passionate worshippers who lead us into the presence of God each Sunday! They create an atmosphere in which the Spirit of God can move.


'LiL Champs (Nursery, 6weeks-2 years)

The Nursery Program at CCC is designed to provide a nurturing, spiritual environement to babies and toddlers while their parents are being ministered to in service. As a nursery worker, you will care for the needs of infants and toddlers, read Bible-based stories, and show the love of Christ to babies and their parents.


Stride (1st-5th grade)

Stride provides a fun, relevant service to the elementary school age kids at CCC during each of our regular weekend services.  As a Stride teacher, you will lead kids in worship, Bible lessons, and small group discussions that will deepend their relationship with God and give kids the tools they need to live for Christ!


The Greeter Team members are the first people that you will meet when you first attend Champion. They are the first introduction that visitors (VIPs) will have to the CCC Family. They help with parking, answer any questions guests may have, collect vital information for follow up, give tours, and help guests with anything they may need!


Technical Team

From lights to sound to our live video production, our technical team creates a high-energy atmosphere at each one of our services. If you love technology and working to create cutting edge, energetic worship services, then joining our tech team is the Dream Team for you!


META Student Ministries

If you have a passion for seeing the next generation excel and live for the Lord, then serving at META is for you! This is our student ministry and is for kids ages 6th grade through 12th grade.


Relay (ages 3-K)

Relay is designed to provide kids ages 3-kindergarten a place to learn about the love of God as they play and explore together. As a Relay volunteer, you will be involved in teaching a Bible story lesson, playing games, assembling crafts, and serving snacks, while connecting with kids and teaching them basic truths about Jesus!

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